On the evening of November 6th 2017 twenty-four E STuudio singers started their trip towards Singapore. After a lay-over at Helsinki and a long eleven and a half hours later they arrived at the Changi airport at last. E STuudio’s sixth tour abroad had begun!

On the next morning, our singers joined forces with local secondary school children to get started with Singapore’s Foreign Ministry initiated Choir Leadership Camp 2017. In addition to our singers, three Estonian conductors came along to educate the locals on different singing techniques, conducting skills and Estonian culture: world-renowned conductor Aarne Saluveer, leader of choral improvisation Jaan Krivel and our own, one and only – Jaanus Karlson. The aim of the camp was to teach the local schools’ choirs’ active members new skills that they could then pass on to their choirs’ other members.

Three days of hard work paid off and at the end of the week, the Singaporeans had learned many new songs of our beloved Estonian composers, even by heart.

The weekend and Monday after that was given off for the Estonian singers to immerse in the local culture – seeing and experiencing as much as possible. Some singers even managed to get a tan on themselves, which was then thought of as proof to all friends and colleauges back in Estonia, that they indeed had been to a tropical country. Meanwhile, on Monday, our tireless conductors carried on their work with younger Singaporeans aged 10-11.

When the last day of the camp arrived, it was time for some more rehearsals and a final concert. After spending an intense morning rehearsing, the afternoon greeted the audience of the concert with a united choir of Singaporeans and Estonians singing pieces from both countries’ composers, using newly acquired skills of choir improvisation and conducting and singing with joy. Apart from that, E STuudio Youth Choir gave a 20-minute performance of their own.

The concert ended with standing ovations and also long farewells, for after that, the Estonian choir members headed to the airport once again.

All in all, it was a week full of singing, teaching and setting good examples while at the same time a week of discoveries, joy and fun, enjoying a warm weather and new acquaintances at the other side of the world. Until next time!


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