On July 6th-8th E STuudio Youth Choir took part of Rudolstadt (Germany) folk and world music festival, which was oriented towards Estonian music this year.

The choir took part of the opening concert, a discussion thread about Estonian music, a local service and gave three full-length independent concerts. The repertoire consisted mostly of the music of Arvo Pärt and Veljo Tormis.

Estonian choral music is widely known in Germany. The singers themselves have never felt such a warm welcome to simple choral concerts. The last concert was held at Rudolstadt Stadtkirche, where the choir sang to over 600 people! The concert was particularly emotional as the audience gave many standing ovations and the encore prolonged the 75-minute concert to an almost 2-hour concert. The emotions are still overwhelming and will be remembered for a long time!

The next time E STuudio Youth Choir can be seen and heard is on the 28th of July in St. Mary’s Cathedral of Tallinn (Tallinna Toomkirik) during Europa Cantat 2018.

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